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Message from the President

An Introductory Message from the President

Kimihiro Hashimoto The Building Center of Japan (BCJ) began its operations in 1965, as an organization specializing in technical evaluation of newly developed construction methods, related equipment and materials. It also assumes the acts as a center for building related information.

Since the 1998 amendment of the Building Standard Law of Japan, we have promoted our activities as a diversified assessment organization, encompassing the entire field of building technology, including businesses as a designated (registered) body based on the laws, such as performance evaluation of building technology, building confirmation and inspection, structural calculation review, and housing performance evaluation, and also original technical appraisal of buildings, certification of seismic assessment and CASBEE certification service.

Since its establishment, BCJ has consistently satisfied expectations of industry and central and local governments through our fair and reliable activities, with the support of researchers and experts.

BCJ also contributes to the improvement of system operations as a member of such organizations as the Japan Conference of Building Administration, the Association for Housing Performance Evaluation and Indication, and the Building Performance Standardization Association.

Being one of the leading evaluation organizations in Japan, BCJ has been active in playing an important role as a contact point for international information exchange of building technologies.

In August 2015, BCJ celebrated its 50th anniversary, with its corporate status being changed to a general incorporated foundation in April 2011.

Taking this opportunity, we wish to express our determination that we will continue our activities based on our mission to contribute to the development of the building sector by further reinforcement of our reliable services and our ‘client first’ policy.

Kimihiro Hashimoto
(Named President : June, 2016)
The Building Center of Japan

The BCJ Mission Statement and Management Policy

BCJ offers reliable services related to building technology, such as third-party evaluation and information services, in order to promote the development of safe, secure and environmentally-friendly buildings.

Based on the abovementioned commitment, and in order to contribute to the public good, we:

  • conduct services fairly and justly, in compliance with the Laws.
  • answer the needs of clients and thereby society; perform continual review of our services in an effort to improve them; and conduct services promptly and appropriately.
  • provide high-quality technical services.
  • secure and foster personnel who have adequate knowledge and qualifications.
  • have a well-organized and efficient management system, operating as a non-profit company.