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Building Confirmation and Inspection and Related Activities

The BCJ performs building confirmation and inspection, housing performance evaluation promptly, and Structural Calculation Conformity Judgment, along with the performance evaluation of buildings.

Building Confirmation and Inspection, and Housing Performance Evaluation

Confirmation and inspection procedures are required when a building is erected. The BCJ has rationalized this process and reduced the lead-time by integrating these confirmation and inspection procedures with performance evaluation and approval processes under the Building Standard law. The BCJ has been entrusted by the Government Housing Loan Corporation so as to conduct assessment and inspection.
In addition, the BCJ plans to carry out housing performance evaluations under the Housing Quality Assurance Act. (Started in autumn 2000)

Structural Calculation Conformity Judgment

As designated organizations under the Building Standard Law, BCJ performs structural calculation conformity judgments for buildings of a certain size or larger, etc. at the request of building officials or designated confirmation and inspection bodies. All of the judges have highly specialized knowledge and skills.(Started in June 2007)