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Research and development of new technologies as well as improvements to existing techniques are constantly being carried out. The BCJ performs fair technical evaluations as an independent thus fair and neutral organization, thus increasing users’ confidence in using these building technologies and techniques in a wide range of applications. The following various types of technical evaluations are performed by the BCJ.

Evaluations and Approvals as Designated Organization

BCJ has been designated by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as a fair and neutral body to implement evaluations and approvals.

As designated organizations under the Building Standard Law, the BCJ carries out performance evaluation, such as for super high-rise structures and designated materials. It also provides type approvals for prefabricated housing and building equipment and carries out factory inspections. As also designated organizations under the Housing Quality Assurance Act, the BCJ evaluate innovative technology and materials concerning housing with earthquake resistance and sound insulation, etc., and provides type approvals for housing and factory inspections.

Legal Conformity Appraisals

BCJ evaluates construction technologies for legal and other technical criteria compliance.

One of the BCJ tasks is to perform technical assessments of performances on the materials, components and construction methods used in buildings to ensure compliance with the Building Standard Law related regulations and other technical criteria. It also carries out building fire safety rating.

Certification of Seismic Assessment

BCJ certifies the results of; (a)seismic assessment of existing buildings and (b)seismic assessment of reinforcement-design of existing buildings. BCJ performs the certification with swiftness and accuracy. Also, BCJ responds to reinforcement-design using seismic-isolation and seismic-response-control technologies.

BCJ CASBEE Certification Service

BCJ certifies the result of evaluation of built environment under the CASBEE system. CASBEE is a grading system based on assessment of the performance of built environment. CASBEE is widely used by many private Japanese companies, such as construction companies, design offices, real-estate developers, etc., as a voluntary-basis evaluation tool for assessing the environmental performance of their buildings. Reflecting the growing needs of certification of the assessment results by a third party, IBEC started the CASBEE Certification System in 2005.

BCJ is accredited by IBEC as a CASBEE Certification Organization. We began certification service in July 2008.

Review and Certification of Construction Technology

BCJ reviews and certifies various new construction technologies that are developed by the private sector. Objective reviews and certifications are conducted with respect to the propriety of data from experiments, analyses and other activities conducted by each applicant.

BCJ Approval of Innovative Building Technologies (Agrément Services)

Responding to market needs, BCJ is committed to evaluating various innovative building technologies.

Regulations and standards, such as the Building Standard Law and the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), do not always provide a clear set of requirements for leading-edge technology, which is being developed on an ongoing basis. BCJ issues approvals after thoroughly examining various innovative building technologies in order to facilitate their usage in a variety of applications.