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International Activities

The Building Center of Japan (BCJ) was established in 1965. Since then it has been gathering information from overseas while disseminating information about Japan. It has also worked to build cooperative relationships with building-related organizations in other countries.

The BCJ is contributing at the international level to the advancement of building construction activities and to the improvement of building quality. It is doing this by carrying out technical assessments of foreign made building products to facilitate the distribution of building materials, by disseminating information about building-related systems in Japan, and by gathering information about overseas building regulations, certification systems, and other related matters. The BCJ is also involved in the activities of international organizations in the area of building technology assessments, and works with overseas technical assessment organizations to promote cooperation toward to the mutual recognition. In addition, the BCJ works with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and with other agencies, to give help to developing countries, especially through the provision of building technology and of knowledge needed to ensure building safety and to improve living environments.

The future is expected to bring further internationalization of building activities and of markets for building materials. The BCJ will be increasing its efforts to develop the international dimension of its services related to building quality, including building technology assessments.

International Activities

  1. Efforts toward Mutual Recognition and Information Sharing with Overseas Organizations
    1. The BCJ is helping to establish a mutual recognition framework within the World Federation of Technical Assessment Organizations (WFTAO).WFTAOのロゴ In 2011, the BCJ hosted 16th WFTAO annual conference in Tokyo. The BCJ also held "International Seminar on Approaches to Environmental Considerations for Building Products" (for more detailed information) with cooperation from WFTAO.
    2. The BCJ has signed cooperative agreements with six building technology assessment organizations in six countries. It shares information on assessments with these organizations, and is working with them to promote mutual recognition.
      Partner Organizations:
      • Australian Building Codes Board: ABCB (Australia)
      • British Board of Agrément: BBA (United Kingdom)
      • Building Research Association of New Zealand: BRANZ (New Zealand)
      • Canadian Construction Materials Centre: CCMC (Canada)
      • Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment: CSTB (France)
      • ICC Evaluation Service Inc.: ICC ES (United States)
    3. Building construction activity is expanding rapidly in China. The BCJ actively and regularly shares information with the China Architecture Design and Research Group (CAG) and the China Academy of Building Research (CABR).
    4. The BCJ participates in government conferences arranged by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport with the governments of Australia, Canada, South Korea, and others.
  2. Supplying Information on Technical Assessments, etc.
    1. The BCJ conducts surveys of current information on overseas building regulations and technical assessment systems, and supplies the information to related organizations.
    2. The BCJ compiles and publishes information, including an English version of the Building Standard Law, to inform organizations in other countries about Japanese building regulations.
    3. Information about BCJ services and application procedures is supplied in English.
  3. International Cooperation with Developing Countries
    1. The BCJ operates a variety of training programs on building and housing.
      Training programs:
      • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA): Group training
        • Building Administration and Technology Course
        • Improvement of Housing and Living Environment Course
      • Japan Housing Association
        • Housing Seminar in Commemoration of the IYSH (International Year of Shelter for the Homeless)
    2. The BCJ engages in information sharing and technical cooperation with developing countries, through participation in and support for government level international cooperation activities.