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Building Technologies Associated with Rooftop Greening for Better Environment

1. Outline of Approval for Rooftop Greening

·As one of the technologies for the improvement of urban environments, interest in rooftop tree planting technology is increasing. BCJ evaluates this new technology, which is applied to roofs which may be flat or sloped, and which is also used on balconies. Because rooftop greening is realized by combining various engineering components, it is evaluated as a system, rather than evaluating each engineering component separately. These evaluations are performed based on the approval standard "Technology for Rooftop Greening for Better Environment”.

2. Evaluation Criteria

The Approval for Rooftop Greening evaluates the following three items:

  1. Basic performance
  2. Environmental load
  3. Environmental improvement effect (optional)

The outline of evaluation of each item is as follows:

1.Basic performance

Evaluation of basic performance is performed on the following items:
1) Evaluation of individual element technologies and evaluation of combinations of individual element technologies

Basic performance

2) Evaluation of practical feasibility

2.Environmental load

Evaluation of environmental load is performed in consideration of the whole life cycle, in principle. When the whole life cycle cannot be taken into consideration, after clarifying the range, etc., it is limited to the specific stage of a life cycle, and evaluated accordingly.

Environmental load

3.Environmental improvement effect (optional)

To evaluate the environmental improvement effects of rooftop greening technology, buildings that have had this technology applied to them are compared with those that have not.

Environmental load

The above are criteria for evaluating the environmental improvement effect of buildings. There is a high social demand for each of these criteria.

3. Flowchart of Agrément Services

  • Development of New Technology
  • Prior consultation
    Please consult us about the application contents, submission of documents/data, etc.
  • Application
    We check the documents/data, etc. All the documents/data must be included in order for it to be accepted.
  • Evalution(by Evalution Committiee)
    The Evaluation committee examines the submitted documents/data and writes a draft report on it.
  • Examination for approval(by Approval Committee)
    An approval committee examines the draft report and decides whether or not to approve it.
  • Approval
    Certificate of approval is issued.

4. The BCJ Approval Mark

Gain differentiation from other technologies by capitalizing on the BCJ approval mark in advertisements and other media, once approval is received.

Environmental load
Approval Mark